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Thread: **Spoiler Alert!** The War of the Worlds. Go for it!!!

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    the original book more plausible cos the aliens came down on capsules with their tripods (anyone checked their brand names? gitzo or manfrotto?)

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    most parts of the show was fine..but the ending was really really disappointing, yes some one mentioned..cheapo ending..prob the worst ending i have ever seen in my life for any show..and to me any show with a disppointing ending just makes me feel that I have wasted my money..

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    cannot help it lor. it was as written in the book. the tripods just keeled over and the guy (forgot his name) went home to Woking and reunited with his wife. i guess it's either you like it or you don't. i do cos i sometimes feel many shows overdo the final great battle scene and sometimes an anti-climatic ending is more real. the actual aliens reminded me of the ones in independence day.

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    WOTW: The martian perspective --->

    Something that is puzzling me is the EMP. Of coz, the video camera is working, everyone notices that. But after the 1st lightning strikes, except on the expressways, no where else in the movie indicates that an EMP has occured.

    Also, in the new father's house, the basement is torched so badly by the aircraft fuel, but the ground floor remains so nicely decorated. In this scene, the jet turbine beside them still turns after crashing thru so many trees & buildings. And it still continue to turn after he has viewed the video clip in the reporter's van.

    Oh ya, why is the reporter able to record the clip of the EMP lightning strikes? I guess the video cam is shielded?

    The fly-by-wire aircrafts don't seem to suffer any "light sabre" damage.

    The tripods are quite hi-tech... Now they need is a heat & movement sensor at the "eyes". So funny that the 3 in the basement can avoid being detected.

    Oh, about the ending... The movie with the best ending so far is "Swordfish". Well, it's always a morality issue...

    Lastly, it's good to know that your simple film rangefinder will still work in such a situation..


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