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Thread: NTU PVS Freshmen Orientation Camp 2005

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    Default NTU PVS Freshmen Orientation Camp 2005

    NTU PVS presents Camp AveNTUra Freshmen Orientation Camp 2005

    Date: 4th - 7th July
    Venue: NTU, Sentosa
    Price: $25 per person
    Organised by NTU Photo-Videographic Society
    Contact(s): Valerie Lin @ 97288034 and
    Eliza @ 96539276 and
    Desmond @ 96308220 and

    This camp is open to all freshmen that are coming into NTU.
    For enquiries, please do feel free to contact the person in charge.

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    upz for the coming wkend.

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    upzz for the nite

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    upzz for the wkend

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    up for the last day


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