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Thread: ROM Wedding charges???

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    Default Types of customer

    anyway, u just have to know what kind of customers u are dealing with..

    1) Want quality, pricing not a problem
    2) "Anything lah" customer - as long as its cheap
    3) Want Quality- everything also want..but dont want to pay so much. hahahha

    For photographers, I do happen to see some who take ok ok shots and charge damn EX!...but some who take very good shots, and charges peanuts.

    People like iamasaint, I think I dont mind spending that much money to engage his services...cos U dont find such styles else where...

    Just know what you can offer and make sure it teles with what you get in return...else free labour is always the initial experience gaining stage...after which $$$ should be discussed..(when experience and results can be shown by then).

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    When come to making a living in photography, it will be a different ball game, must have a balance between competitive (in term of price, service and product quality) and profitable.

    I have seen many photographers come and go (I mean as fulltime), but I respect this people, they dare to take the plunk, though some didnít make it.

    You may charge what ever you like, as long you have enough clients to support you, Iím not against anyone do it as freelancing or moonlighting, but please donít any how use the word ďProĒ here ďProĒ there, please show a little respects to people doing it as fulltime.

    Those packages posted earlier, seem like the photographers are very cheap, but some Csers here also doing the something, if not how come many people know how to come here to source for photographers?

    The ROM price I posted here is what I found from the market, you want find even cheaper also have, you may say even $280 for Fort Canning also very low, but I donít think many couples will willing pay more than this.

    So, either you charge whatever the market willing to bear and you able to get assignments or charge expensively and prepare to grow mould on yourself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by espn
    I think I charge too much liao After seeing what SM posted, not a wonder why my couples never come back to me
    Aiya, give discount, their next wedding will sure come back to u 1...

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