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Thread: Which picture is better? pls comment

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    Default Which picture is better? pls comment

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    Your comments are much appreciated, in terms of composition, colour, angle, please explain in details.

    Positive or negative all ok.

    Thank you very much
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    Default Re: Which picture is better? pls comment

    The first picture looks kind of soft, or out of focus. I'm not too sure, that's my only complaint...and I don't really know how to comment on that shot.

    The second shot however, I would say go for a tighter shot, cut out the space on the right of the yacht on the left, and maybe the light posts on the right of the picture.

    What I love about this shot is the pathway forms a V shape that guided my eyes to view around the center of the picture.

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    Default Re: Which picture is better? pls comment

    Both pictures doesn't work for me.

    In the end, the most important part of a picture is composition. After you have a good composition, the technical aspect of the photo comes into play.

    #2 can work if you crop out all the lamp posts. After that you need to learn how to manage the exposure better in high dynamic range scenes like these. The lighted sky is blown.

    #1 composition is not good. Technically, your use of HDR was not managed well, so the picture comes out soft and low contrast.
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    Default Re: Which picture is better? pls comment

    If I have to choose, I will take the 2nd. But do listen to the expert's opinion above.

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    Default Re: Which picture is better? pls comment

    Pix 1; where are your subjects? road? road signs? lamppost? house? trees? so what is the story of this photo? or just "a test shot taken from my window"?

    Pix 2, though this pix has a subject, better then the better, but there is many areas can be improve, watch the tilted horizon, blown out sky, lost of shadow details, I think this place is will have better lighting when the sun is down. try to shoot this place again during the magic hour.

    hope this help.
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