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Thread: 06 APR 2014 [SUN] A Date with OL Nicole

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    Cool 06 APR 2014 [SUN] A Date with OL Nicole

    Presenting >>>

    A Date with OL Nicole

    Free on this coming Sun ?
    Have an appointment with OL Nicole to manage your Biz.
    Can be any Biz. Prvt Biz also can.
    (OL) means office lady.
    If any of your partner curious asking, appt on Sun morning with who ?
    Don't tell'em 'with OL'. Tell tell'em 'with Old Lady'

    Date: 06 APR 2014 [SUN]

    Time: 0900hrs - 1130hrs *inclusive of a 1/2hr break

    Venue: (exact meet-up location to be revealed to interested participants)

    Outfits: x2 sexy office outfits

    Slots Ratio > 6:1

    Cost: $40/- per pax

    Even if response no good, Shutterbox will not cancel shoot. We will still go ahead to conduct the session ourselves.
    Do our Shutterbox Facebook Page. Let's Support & make it Happen ! Thank you.

    To join/register/reserve slot, kindly pls sms to
    i) CK @ 9006 9724
    ii) Gerald @ 9337 7253

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    Cool Re: 06 APR 2014 [SUN] A Date with OL Nicole

    Understand that many went up BKK for the 35th motorshow, that's why response not very good in CS this wk.
    Nevertheless, Upz for this shoot.


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