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Thread: Sunrise @ Merlion Park - 5th April 2014

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    Default Sunrise @ Merlion Park - 5th April 2014

    Will be on this coming Saturday, 5th April at Merlion Park. We will meet directly at the spot itself (I will be taking bus, not sure where you can park if you drive) at 6.40AM. I will take 5 people for this time round. If the weather is good, we can go over to Esplanade side for more shots.

    Afterwards, we will go to somewhere with seats for the second part & breakfast.

    What will be covered:
    1. What to look out for during shooting
    2. What settings to use (if I can figure out the camera you are using)
    3. How to do post processing/blending

    Of course, would be more than happy to learn stuff from you guys as well.

    Things you need:
    Camera (preferably DSLR, with a wide angle lens or any camera that can go wide enough. would at least need 28mm on 35mm format for a decent shot)

    Those interested can PM me. Will stick strictly to the number of people.

    I know the haze is impending, will keep a lookout and cancel if necessary.

    Some shots that you can expect from that spot:

    please try to sign up only if you are genuinely interested
    those interested, please reply or PM

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    Default Re: Sunrise @ Merlion Park - 5th April 2014

    just replying to some queries

    the thing would probably end at about 930am or so
    and yes, its fully free, but you are always welcome to pay if you want

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    Default Re: Sunrise @ Merlion Park - 5th April 2014

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    Its cancelled because of the bad weather. Thanks to those who turned up


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