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Thread: Nikon Capture USM vs Photoshop USM?

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    Default Nikon Capture USM vs Photoshop USM?

    I have a NEF file that I applied USM to in Nikon Capture, and it looked nice and sharp. After saving to JPG and opening it in Photoshop, there was lots of grain.
    Reopening the JPG in Nikon Capture showed a nice, clean image again.

    Which output should I trust for pre-print processing, photoshop or NC?

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    Although there are significant differences between Adobe Camera Raw and Nikon Capture, most of them seem to be in the 'default' tones.

    Are you viewing the JPEG at 100% size in both PS & Capture? If you are perhaps you could post screenshots of the same portion of the image as displayed by each application.

    I typically would not sharpen in Capture since I print from either PS or Qimage and prefer to sharpen as the very last step (after editing, cropping etc)


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