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Thread: Steps in replacing the Metz NiCd with NiMh

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    Default Steps in replacing the Metz NiCd with NiMh

    Anyone in CS actually tried this (replacing NiCd with NiMh in the Metz 45 NiCd battery pack) ?

    I can find tabbed NiMh batteries (which can be soldered) from a local electrical/electronic shop and thinking of doing it. The Metz NiCd charger is also useable after the mod.

    The benefit is the larger capacity of NiMh -> more flashes, less memory effects problems.

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    becareful when soldering, you wun want to overheat the batt and have it exploding in your face
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    Will certainly keep that in mind
    With tabbed batteries (meant for soldering) and proper techniques, it should not be a problem.

    Anyway haven't decided if I will go for it yet.

    Have a crazy idea also to modified the Jenis battery pack -D70 (which holds 6 batteries) with a lead-in to the Metz. Will study it when I get the pack.

    Actually, if I can my hands on the Metz dryfit packs, no need for all the above. No shop seems to be carrying any stocks.

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    keep the tabbed contacts clean. tin the wires first to ensure good solderability.
    apply heat to tabs and solder the wires quickly. don't worry too much as the battery can take quite a fair bit of heat before overheating. alternatively, you can wrap some wet tissues on the battery itself to provide some cooling.

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    Thanks for the tips !


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