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Thread: wedding day assignments contract

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    great to hear so many different views.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jsbn
    For me, I'll refund it.

    Imagine.... wedding kena change date? There's a tendency that something happened. This kind of things I dun like to ask. Juz refund loh.
    Not really. Booking a dinner requires at least 1 year in advance for a 'chope'. If they change the dates they'll need to be very heng to get a dinner resturant. Even if dates changed, the deposit is no go. I have to block the date for them I lose businesses because of this block and that's what the deposit is meant to cover (but of course can't cover everything).

    Quote Originally Posted by scanner
    Wah... the PROs.... have spoken
    Yep. jOhO have spoken. The rest of the pros are quietly somewhere laughing and reading?

    Quote Originally Posted by binbeto
    It really depends on the situation.

    If you refund, you might get more business thru referrals.
    Unlikely. People will just take advantage of you like what Toto38 mentioned. Referrals come because the couple likes your works and actively recommends you.

    As again, unless it's something unfortunate that HAD happened, otherwise the deposit goes. Which I hope that it never happens.

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    If cancel booking, no refund.

    If change date, and i free, i shoot.

    If change date, i busy, i pass to colleagues, and my colleague take the deposit.

    If cancel wedding, then see wat reason. But most likely, i will return the deposit, cos they lose alot, try to help. this society needs more helping to each others. Anyway, you will never know, they might help you in the future.

    Also, must have a comfirmation letter for them to sign upon booking, else all talks here are rubbish.

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