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Thread: Need help to buy a labtop (preferably not mac)

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    Default Need help to buy a labtop (preferably not mac)


    Need to help my "ang mo" friend to get a laptop. Me not good at computer. Anyone can help by recommending which brand is good, processor speed, storage space, graphic card... He's using it more for word processor, email, powerpoint to show slides presentation. He also need to get a LCD monitor (17" in or more for his slide presention. Will apppreciate if you recommend a shop, but i'm afraid if an "ang mo" were to go by himself, the shop will "ko tok" him! So maybe a good, reliable and honest shop you know. Thank you

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    then get dell lor sure no problem..........

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    His needs look very basic. No need to go for the cutting edge.

    Dell is most value for money.

    If money not a problem, recommend IBM or toshiba.

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    oh, for price, go to to check out before purchase, then won't get tok tok tok.


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