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Thread: 4K Monitor 27" which one you recommend?

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    Default 4K Monitor 27" which one you recommend?

    I need to get a 27" 4K Monitor for my 15" MacBook Pro.

    Can anyone recommend me a good one here?
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    Default Re: 4K Monitor 27" which one you recommend?

    This article suggests waiting for price of the IPS panels to drop.

    All the sub-$1000 4K monitors announced so far--at least the ones we have any panel information on--use twisted-nematic (TN) displays rather than in-plane-switching (IPS) panels. A TN panel can have quicker refresh rates, but everything else about it is inferior to IPS: the viewing angles are bad, the colors are more washed out, and it inherently can't reproduce as wide an array of colors as an IPS panel, so it's not accurate enough to use for photo or video editing.


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