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Thread: Taking pictures using camera flash vs a constant light source.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jones24 View Post
    Sure you all know how a camera with a flash operates. Press the take picture button the flash comes on for less of a second and picture it taken.

    What if let's just say your camera cannot take pictures like that. It does not have a flash. But you have a light source say from a torch light for example. Will this somehow affect the picture compared to a camera with a flash that goes on for 1 second.
    Both are great light sources, if manipulated correctly.

    So the question back to ts is, how well are you able to control your light sources?

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    Default Re: Taking pictures using camera flash vs a constant light source.

    personally, i find the images posted to be a little harsh in terms of lighting. the highlights are blown while the shadows are have lost most details.

    as for constant lighting--your HP's light or even from the screen like how some photographer has shot with iPad as their light source;
    the shutter speed and duration of your constant light on the subject would affect the shot.

    Just adding onto what the others have explained
    assuming that your constant light don't move and stays on during the entire time. your shutter speed would determine how much light gets reflected of the object then enters your camera--too long: over exposed , too short: under exposed (all these with relation to your aperture setting as well.

    if your camera is still, but your light source move then it'd be a different thing as well. therefore this could go on for a very long and lengthy explanation but in short--it depends on what you enjoy working with and what is available to be used. you would have more issues to solve if you're to mix constant light + flash (shooting a candle in a dim room: you'll need longer shutter to capture the flame while maintaining the flash to not over power it and lighting up the key elements)

    just my 2cents

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