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    I know very little about digital point and shoots and my friend has asked me for some recommendations for a budget of $500. No way that my friend will manually hold a reverse 50mm in front of her camera.

    I don't know if this is a realistic amount for a digital camera. But I hope that you can help give me some guidelines when I am researching the topic 1. Via the Internet 2. Actual looking at the camera in the shop.

    The most important factor is the Macro function as she wishes to take closeups of some jewellry.

    For $500 I'm assuming it'll go no higher than approx. 3MP.

    I've read something about Super Macro and Macro. Would Super Macro just be some sort of digitally enhanced macro?

    When I look for specs on paper for macro camera shopping, what factors should I be considering?

    I've read some things about the C5050 and the Nikon 9500 Coolpix? But I don't know if these are outdated models?

    Any recommendations re the budget and requirements?


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    Olympus c5050 is not a point and shoot. It's a high end 5MP, F1.8 prosumer cam with full manual controls. Good? Very.. f1.8 it can handle perfectly on showroom jewelries, no need flash. No worries about cam shake. I have one too. And my 5+ old 3040 recently beats some v new models of canon, konica, nikon, and sony P&S in a wedding event. But I use it as a spare, its my fav. Super macro means, you can take the pics at a v close range 1" to 8" example. anyone selling 2nd hand c5050 for <$500, then its a steal.

    If thats not ur lingo then you can get those new 4 or 5 MP. There're many brands to look around. But perhaps MPs are not a factor for jewelries? I don't think it is.
    . But for jewelries, normal macro would suffice. I take jewelries too. You prob can scratch super macro off the list.
    Maybe you try
    then goto a cam shop and look at it. Nikon macros are quite good, u can get anything but ahem casio.
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    go to a shop and try

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    The best P&S macro I have used so far is the Fuji S602z. It cost "slightly" higher but it has a super macro and I manage to use it handheld at 10mm away with zoom. Not sure about the techie stuff but the color is nice and sharp. Still used for macros on weddings rings and flowers. As suggested, bring a tiny thing and try it in Denki or somewhere... but nor recommended to do that in SLS since most shops are not that accomodating.

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    Since it's a her.. Go get the Sony zhar-bor cam... The T1, iirc... Super-macro down to 1cm..

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    Thanks for the recommendations. I think Firefox hit the nail on the head. The only thing holding me back from recommending a Sony is the proprietory memory card...


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