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    Hi Everyone...It has been one year since my last exhibition in Singapore.
    I will be visiting Singapore in 2 weeks time. I'm trying to arrange some coffee time with photographers in this forum. You can either love or hate my work, both groups are welcome. I'm certain there's alot of budding photographers out there with many questions in their mind and no where to turn to. I said before I will continue to support the photography scene in Singapore and here is one of my way to show it. It will be a relax meeting and you are welcome to show me your work.
    For those interested , please email me at with your name, age , occupation and tel. number. I will contact you once I have set the location and the timing.
    Of course, the coffee and pastry will be on me .

    ps. Moderators, sorry for posting this here as I'm not sure where to post.

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    man! chance of a lifetime!
    just emailed you!

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    yup....emailed u too...

    upz for u... and thanks for the session in advance..


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    Default Thank you for all the quick response....

    Due to the overwhelming response, I will have to stop this invite by end of
    Wednesday (Singapore Time). Hope everyone understands. I will be meeting the participants in various smaller group at different times so we all can have a more intimate chat.
    Will keep everyone posted on the different dates via your email.

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    would really like to meet u in person my idol but got nothing great to show to u

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    Am I too late?


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