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Thread: Possible Fraud?

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    Default Possible Fraud?

    Hey guys, juz a newbie so need some help here.
    Tried to bid for an item and was out bid by other people.
    The item is a Brand NEW Minolta DiMAGE 7Hi. At yahoo auctions site.
    I bid for $670. low rite? so didnt expect to get the item though.

    Then hor, the seller emailed me and said the first bidder didnt respond so he ask me wan or not?

    From his details he is from USA, then the price included the shipping fees.

    His msg as below:

    Yes, it is international shipment. I will ship for you with UPS Express and make for you tracking number. Don't worry because i will pay the shipping costs for you. I like your bidding price , so , for the payment i prefer Western union money online. The shipment it takes 3-4 working days. You agree ? If you agree i am waiting your reply with your real name and full adress to prepare delivery for you and i will give my adress for payment when you are ready to start the deal. Thanks

    So my question is:
    1) Is it a possible fraud? Should i take the risk? As the common price for the item above is ard 1.3k and more here, izzit true maybe US have better price?

    2) The western union money thing i checked and realized Jurong Point and other major POST outlets have the service. Izzit realiable? And if he really run off with the money, izzit possible for me to trace him back assume that i have his name and address. And maybe bank account number?

    3) If i can really trace him down juz say he really play tricks, any ways to take any actions including legal actions? Conclusion is what can i do if such case strucks?


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    it's not cheap if he said it's USD$ loh. i will not try buying camera from such sites cos if there's any defects, who's going to cover it? Got to think about it and good things don't come easy.

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    generally, online auctions require a certain amount of trust, but one way to tell is to see his full name and address that he gives you to make out the money order. if it's some dubious name with a PO Box address, that's quite questionable...

    but if you're really worried that he might run off with your money, i suggest using a escrow service like this is essentially a third-party "guarantor" which holds your money in its care until the the product is delivered, then releases the funds to the seller. in the event of non-delivery or satisfaction with the goods, the money is refunded. howveer, there's a fee to pay for using this of course, but it might be worthwhile considering if you want peace-of-mind. if the seller is 100% genuine, he should not have a problem with using Escrow services... if he's a shady dealer, then of course he'll object.

    why don't you try emailing him and telling him you'll be using Escrow services and see his reaction? sometimes that tells you everything...

    hope my 2 cents help...

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    I saw alot of fraud cases on internet where the seller asks for Western Union payment method. Beware!

    By the way, even if he gave you a tracking number, that doesnt mean anything. I read from internet that they can send you a empty (or equiv weight) package and label it as the item hes selling you. But when you open it up, its not the item you paid.

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    RUN!, don't walk, away from this so-called deal. This is a very common ploy to get money. The auction has most likely been rigged so that some unsuspecting person will feel that they are the winning bid.

    Western Union transfers are not traceable and there is no way your money is going to be refunded.

    Your best bet is to buy local - always remember that if the deal is too good to be true, it normally is.

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    I wouldn't take chances if I were you; Heard a lot of such scams already. It was quite common on HWZ for a period of time.

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    Get another account, and advertise to buy that same product. Better still, email that guy using another email. See if that same guy responds to sell to you.

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    Seriously, don't bother.
    Unless he/she has a very good feedback rating, forget it.

    It's just not worth it to save a few hundred on this...


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