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Thread: White balance off?

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    Here are some pointers for you, which I use most of the time my self.

    1 Get a grey card for WB
    2. Place it in the scene / subject you want to shoot.
    3. Take a picture of the scene or subject with the grey card.
    Remove the grey card & take the pic of the scene.
    4 During PP use the software to take a reading from the grey card picture that you took.
    5 Use the same WB setting for processing all the pics you took under the same light.

    There is no ambiguity this way. Make sure your PP screen is color corrected & it will be very close to the color of the captured scene.

    If your cam support custom WB, just take a reading of the grey card at the scene. Store the custom WB & you are good to go.

    If you need to correct for color cast, shoot a color chart for color correction with the subject. Use the color correction for your HSL correction during PP

    For max flexibility, shoot in RAW mode. Then edit during PP.
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    If you are an audio-visual kind of person like me, might want to get more understanding from YouTube videos. Mark Wallace and the Digital Photography 1 on 1 (Adorama channel) has been a great help for me.

    For white balance, here's the video:
    Good luck!

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