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Thread: Nikon bashing is in!

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    Quote Originally Posted by daredevil123 View Post
    It is more of a corporate culture thing...

    Just look at Sigma: snapped out of it with the new CEO, and he really moved the company forward.
    Precisely, spot on. And if there is no change/correction in thinking, such fiascos will be repeated in the future for sure...

    Quote Originally Posted by diediealsomustdive View Post
    IMHO there were a few decisions that did not go down well in the market:
    - refusal to admit fault with D800 (left focus) and D600 (oil spots)repeated...

    - quick minor change and D610 was born, making D600 virtually worthless in one swift move
    - decision not to continue sub-pro lines (D700 + MB-D10 that rivals D3, D300/s + MB-D10 that also rivals D3 in some ways, e.g. fps, but in DX format) for fear/experience of sub-pro line cannibalizing the pro line. The fact that D700 and D300/s sold well reinforces the thought that more D3 would have been sold, which was non-sense (a bit like the software companies saying billions of lost sales due to piracy in China and India - sales that would not have existed anyway)
    - over priced Nikon 1 series, Coolpix A
    - oh yes the lack of DX lenses, especially in wide primes

    I do not agree with the assertions that Df was done wrong, and overpriced, though, but that was another decision that the web writers looooveeeed to bash.
    Nicely summarised, this is I believe what many Nikon users feel....

    What I find most galling throughout the whole episode is that when users voice their disappointments & frustrations, they were beaten down, accused of & slammed for being disloyal/petty/ignorant, given crap excuses, threatened with legal suit for defamation etc. People hear but no one listened & corrective actions taken were superficial & more for show only. Goes to show that a few hundred person may feel intimidated & cowed, but a few million?
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    Thom Hogan and summed it quite well. Somehow instead of being more confident, I am more apprehensive about my next Nikon purchase.

    Frankly, how Nikon has handled both the D600 and D800 quality control issues is disheartening and bodes ill for us long-term Nikon users as it seriously threatens the overall health of the company. We have not heard from management on this issue, and that needs to happen. Service advisories and subsidiary employees acknowledging an issue doesn’t give the customer confidence that executive management understands that there’s a real problem and that they need to be clear that they’ll fix it and stop it from happening again.
    Thom Hogan

    But losing trust in a company – losing loyalty – is a different matter. A company draws clients by providing attractive products. It keeps its clients by earning their trust and respect, by respecting them in return, by earning their loyalty and dedication. And when faced with downfalls, such customers will never doubt that the company is willing to do anything for them. I am not talking about fanboy-ish behavior, but a different thing entirely. I am talking about justified loyalty.
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    Nikon needs some slapping at times, else they hardly move their butts.

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    I think the recent bashing is totally blown out of proportion. Anyway, it will be forgotten like with other brands.

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