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Thread: Nikon or Canon: who takes bigger market share?

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    That might be true. I have 2 Pentaxes in my possession. Both Espios.

    Those were the days when my then-girlfriend (now my wife) kept scolding me: "Take photo, must look at the background, compose properly. Dun anyhow shoot shoot."

    How times have changed....
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    This post is pointless. So what if one or the other leads and has market share? Does it matter whether Netscape or IE has market share if you are not a web developer?

    Take pictures, forget figures. If you are using Canon, it doesn't matter if Nikon has market share and vice versa. If you are using Leica, you don't even have to bother...

    I sure hope this is not a troll.


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    From yahoogroups, thanks to Duncan Staples

    Canon is a publicly held company and also combines business, optical
    and photographic equipment in their earnings statements. The business
    side (copiers, printers, fax machines, scanners, semiconductor and
    computer peripherals) makes up 70% of total sales/revenue. Optical
    and photographic equipment make up only 13% of their total
    sales/revenue. North and South America make up about 30% of total
    sales world-wide.

    Minolta Co. Ltd. (parent company) - is a publicly held company and combines business, optical
    and photographic equipment in their earnings statements. The
    business equipment market accounts for about 75% of Minolta's total
    revenue followed by optical equipment (not photography) that accounts
    for about 21% of total revenue followed lastly by photographic
    equipment which makes up only 4% of Minolta's total sales/revenue.

    Nikon is part of the Mitsubishi keiretsu, a group of businesses
    linked by cross-ownership and makes more than 45% of their
    revenue in the semiconductor/stepping industry and also mixes optical
    and photographic in with the other parts of their business which
    include eyewear, electronic imaging equipment etc.

    The best information that I have seen printed 2001/2002(in reliable
    sources like NYTIMES, HOOVERS etc.) place Canon at 36.4% (2% higher
    than 99/00), Minolta at 23.7% (4.3% lower than 99/00), Nikon at 16.5%
    (3.3% lower than 99/00). Pentax 9.5% and Kyocera 4.8%. It appears
    that Canon is gaining market share while both Nikon and Minolta are
    loosing ground. These number are world-wide.

    I found it interesting that Olympus is the digital photography market
    share leader (world-wide) with approximately 25% market share.


    I forgot to mention the following:

    1. Minolta - $3.8 billion in revenue - $259 million dollar net loss.
    2. Nikon - $3.6 billion in revenue - $54 million net loss.
    3. Canon - $8 billion in revenue - $346.8 million net profit.

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