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    Recently over a blog of a friend's site, they were discussing the recent topic of the gal posting her own nude photo online. Then I read about the part where they mentioned one male photographer ever show nude photos of local models to chatters. This photographer said he has the right to do so.. Of cos it is not aware if there are any agreement between the photographer and model..

    What I want to ask is, in general, the photographer has the right to post such photos online? Even there is no agreement, I felt morally it is not too right to do so. Probably should seek the model's permission if he want to show to any 3rd parties.

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    hmm very grey area, pics taken, u develop, u share among frens to view only is ok... but not post in the net to share with everybody when they can have a copy of their own...

    also, there is this very thin line difference between artistic nude & porn...
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