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Thread: Suggestions for Laptop for a Photographer?

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    Question Suggestions for Laptop for a Photographer?

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm looking to buy a new laptop! As a photographer, there are a few things I'm looking for. Hope some of you will be able to give me advice! I'm going to start off by saying that I am not looking for a mac. I'm looking for a PC, because I'm an engineer also, and I need a Windows machine to run a variety of software.

    I do a variety of photog work (Lightroom, Photoshop), as well as Video work (Premiere).

    Here's what I'd like to have:

    1. Nice Screen! I don't need fancy super high res screens or touch screens. Full HD is ok for me, but the screen must be nice. I know Apple has the best screens in the industry and I really wished that more PC makers put these nice screens into their laptops. So >= Full HD, glossy, good colour.

    2. There are a bunch of beautiful 13" laptops around, but given that I do a lot of work on my laptop, I'd like at least a 14", preferably a 15" screen.

    3. Powerful. Haswell processor. 8 to 16GB RAM if possible.

    That's all I guess. I'd prefer if it was one of those slim ultrabooks, but they seem to be few of them in the >13" area. Battery life is not supercritical for me, since when I'm doing intense processing, I'd much rather be using a powercord anyway. I'm also open to completely different ideas or suggestions!

    What do you think?


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    Lenovo Thinkpad X1 carbon would be a good choice.
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    Sad to say, color-accurate mobile workstations are quite rare. But if you really favor good displays, HP ZBook with optional DreamColor display for accurate color reproduction, but won't come cheap.

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    I'm getting myself a new laptop. An Asus R409LD which comes as part of a bundle when I upgraded my home broadband package. At $35 for two years it works out to $840

    8gb ram
    Nvidia geforce 820m with 2gb dedicated ram
    14 inch TFT LED 1366x768
    2.1kg with battery

    I think that this is a good buy. Worth the price.

    One question though. User12342 said that laptops don't usually display colours accurately. I have a data colour spyder (basic). Will using that get me the accurate colours?
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    No harm trying to calibrate to get closest match. Chances are all the required adjustments will be made in the graphics adapter control panel software and that's about it.
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    Thanks everyone for the suggestions! The Lenovo looks like a nice machine, but I also found other possible options such as the Dell M3800 / XPS 15, HP Spectre series, as well as the Razerblade laptops. Those are a bit expensive though. What sort of laptops do you all use besides Macbooks?


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