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Thread: Help Needed on Large Prints * URGENT*

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    Default Help Needed on Large Prints * URGENT*

    Hi guys,

    I need your expert advises. If i want to print out a 35ft by 25ft poster/banner, whats the resolution i need? Will a 13-16 megapixels camera do? Or do I have to use a medium format or large format camera? Please advise. Many thanks in advance! Cheers

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    35ft x 25ft x 300 DPI = MP needed.

    A medium / large format would definitely be useful in this area. You're stretching by quite a bit.

    Hope the pros can help u

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    Quote Originally Posted by iamasaint
    If i want to print out a 35ft by 25ft poster/banner, whats the resolution i need?
    The minimum acceptable resolution would depend on the viewing distance. It is hard to tell without knowing the circumstances.

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    Big banner get normal get by with 72 or 50lpi taken that your viewing distance is around 60 to 100 feet. I think your Dslr's native file would not be enough. You best check with the party printing the banner as to what kinda of file size (pixel x pixel and what dpi/lpi) they need.

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    I would suggest using extensis pxl_smartscale to uprez the file to the print size you want. That will hide the huge jagged lines from pixelation.

    Then size the image in photoshop, and go to view--> Print size.

    That is approxemently how the image will appear at the print size your wanting. Ive found 8x12@300 dpi can make a good 4x7ft print with about 20ft viewing distance. Theres a hurricane image on the very top of the lab I work at that was 8x12@300dpi and uprezed to 4x6ft and printed, and really no one has ever noticed except for those of us who printed it, and I must admit, its HARD to tell.

    If you have ever seen billboads up close, you realize that the filesize is only about 100mb for them, the rest is just a matter of viewing distance.

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    Is all boil down to viewing distance and file size. If you have a picture as big as the moon and view it down on earth. I will safely guess 1 DPF (dot per foot) will do. So what you view on a 8in x 10in at 250dpi up close it will enough. But if you view a 10 ft by 30ft at 250dpi will not be enough if the viewer are to see details in a viewing distance less then 10cm. So the bigger file size the more information for you to print. The thump of the rules with big print is we usually get the viewer is a distance to view the entire picture. Basicly a file size of 50mb or so should do nicely. Or if you have the $ get the biggest file size capture device you can buy should also settle the problem If you were to ask me to KISS (Keep it simple and stupid) I would just ask you to set the dpi at 300dpi with whatever size you decided to print. But you might need Lizard Tech Geniune Facture to interpole the image.


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