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Thread: Singapore named the world's most expensive city

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    Default Re: Singapore named the world's most expensive city

    Quote Originally Posted by ricohflex View Post
    Are expats unhappy with the Economist Intelligence Unit's ranking SG as most expensive?
    No. You don't get it. Expats are very happy with this report.
    With this study, expats posted to SG will be able to officially demand extremely generous expat pay packages with luxurious benefits, high-end housing, etc.
    Obviously you are not familiar with the MNC's and expats.
    With the rising costs of living many MNC think twice before sending people here at expat conditions. Secondly, not every person from a Western country is an expat. Many are trainees or on Exchange Programs (job rotation). The ridiculous price levels here make it difficult to them coming to Singapore because these expenses need to be justified. In that regard, Singapore is doing well in making itself highly unattractive. Luckily the price bubble is already losing steam, hope it will collapse soon.
    Alternatively, those people sent here will get a local contract with some add-on items instead of the "expat pamper package". Depending on the tax regulations in their home country, having a local contract (and being subject to SG local taxes) might even be a better deal.

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    Default Re: We are 1st!

    Quote Originally Posted by ArchRival View Post
    They keep you down with myths of opportunity.
    I suppose at some point Singaporeans have to realise that Right Wing propaganda our government indulges in is rubbish....

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