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Thread: CF Adaptors for SD Cards

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    I noticed that some cameras accept CF adaptors for SD cards, i.e. the camera uses CF cards, but can also read SD cards if there is a CF adaptor.

    My question is whether these adaptors degrade the performance of the SD card and thus making reading / writing slower on the camera.

    Would appreciate any comments.


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    What i read is yes. The speed of a high speed SD card is reduced to half its speed when used in a camera wif CF card wif the adaptor.
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    i think depends on the brand and chipset used for the adapter

    i tried eagletech brand in HongKong, selling only HK$120

    almost bought it but the speed was greatly degraded

    i did a quick test on 1D MKII which got both SD and CF card slot. if i use the CF-SD adapter, i got to wait a while for the image to playback. but if i use the same card without the adapter, the playback was instant
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