Photographers Night

Whoever said that there can only be a Ladies Night on Wednesday evenings. Now we are bringing you THE PHOTOGRAPHERS NIGHT. Music, Booze and models in lingerie and corsets for your cameras to have their fun. Unwind this Wednesday evening with us after your hard day's work as we pose for your cameras and chill with you over some drinks, ON THE HOUSE! PHOTOGRAPHERS NIGHT, THE NEXT BIG THING TO HIT TOWN! Join us, Jasline, Vanny and Angel as we party the evening away!

Jasline / Vanny / Angel

Pics credits to respective photographers

DATE : 5th March,Wednesday
TIME : 7:30pm - 9:30pm
DURATION : 2 hour
OUTFIT : Lingerie
RATE : $70 Per Pax (group)

For reservation, SMS to 86212 333 with your name & session

Refreshment Will Be Provided!
Thanks for your support and make this shoot happen!