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Thread: Weird reason being chased away

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    Quote Originally Posted by yanyewkay
    yah man.. literally a flash mob.. Metz32 and SB800 ready anytime. Just say when.
    ClubSNAP outing at esplanade?
    eat. drink. shoot

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    Quote Originally Posted by loupgarou
    aiyah. just go as a group (20 plus), make sure all your flashes are slave mode with a few masters and everyone take picture of the security guard as they approach, the final shots can be post processed into some arty farty exhibition.. hehe
    Singapore Life : A Security Guard's Day..

    You don't need to organise a flash mob so has been done before

    And the theme of taking pictures of your friends seems really wicked, imagine 10 groups of friends "deciding" to snap group pictures at the same time at 10 different locations in Suntec...whoa.
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