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Thread: Bidadari Christian Cemetery

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    Default Bidadari Christian Cemetery

    My turn to visit the historical site, which will probably disappear in a few years' time. More pictures are at .

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    went to see your pictures at your site

    especially the merlion ones.

    u ready to take part in the STB competition eh?

    anyway did u use slides to take them?

    the colors are rather saturated for the blues

    unless u used PS?

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    Damn.. i wanna go also..

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    very impressive photos..

    all taken by your camera or touch up by PS ?

    hmm..or using a SLR camera??

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    Tweek, nicely done!

    I reckon you managed to ind the place after all?
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    thanks everyone for your comments.

    karab, nope those (the merlion ones) were taken with negatives. Yup blue looks saturated, I was using Contax T2 so maybe the lens was responsible for that. Also I think the slight underexposure caused the sky to look so blue.

    ekardo, I used EOS 300 with Fuji Reala, a 50mm f1.8 and a 80-200 f2.8. I used PS to touch up the dust and fungus marks from my scanner, and also adjusted the colours to match as close as possible to that on my prints. Also applied unsharp mask.

    wolfgang, thanks for your directions! Yup did find that place in the end and it was a good walk.

    intoxique, go lor! One way to go is to take bus 13 from Bishan MRT, short ride 8 to 10 mins.
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    wow, nice shots.

    For those who don't know how to get there, just go along Potang Pasir road. I sure miss that place, used to go there for P.E lessons back when I'm still studying opposite there.

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    Cemeteries are areas still unexplored extensively by photographers.


    You can still get more pictures by going there a few more
    times. Try going there at different times of the day.

    It would be noticeable when you can do a series of
    pictures on local cemeteries. Cover them extensively
    with black-and-white film as well. Aim for exhibition
    quality instead of just snap shots. Use a larger format
    for film.

    You have the eye to make the viewers to ponder.
    Well done Tweek.

    Not knowing the basic is ignorant,
    however getting a DSLR to learn photography
    is not wrong either.

    The choice is yours when you are more
    fortunate to be in a situation of having financial

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    I was there last week on wednesday afternoon i think. Saw a fellow photographer close to the time when i was about to leave. Did not go over to say hello cos i was already dying of thirst from wandering around for over 3 hrs. Close to peng sanning already. The surplee at 7-11 never tasted so good that day.

    I'll might make another trip, this time just taking just B&W film. Seems like i did not even see some of the tombstones posted here on the forum. Must bring water this time.

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    thanks again. forward, grateful for your encouragements and suggestions. I'll try b&w next time, haven't tried that before. As for medium format and exhibition quality, hee all I can say is that photography is still at a hobby level for me, and I still can't afford the time and money to go above that level. But thanks for your recommendation!

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    Very nice shots. I m wondering whether if the DOF you have here can be acheived by a digicam.

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    Originally posted by Falcon
    Very nice shots. I m wondering whether if the DOF you have here can be acheived by a digicam.
    digital SLR yes...digicam a bit hard. Most of the shots here were taken at f2.8, some at f4, f5.6 etc. The consumer digicams nowadays still can't get the shallow DOF of such degree, my s602z included. Can only try to go closer (fight the grass and siam the graves), or zoom in to the max. Even so still quite hard to get shallow DOF.

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    A word of encouragement

    I can say is that photography is still at a hobby level for me
    Tweek, you have the talent and all you need is someone
    to push you a little harder with some guidance. The rest
    will fall into play with some thinking and planning.

    A creative photographer is also a grateful and humble person
    and these qualities are hard to find. Thank God for that gift.

    Give yourself two to three years to mature and keep shooting.
    Do it at your own space and don't spend unnecessary buying
    equipment that you don't need.

    As for now you need to have the 2x teleconverter to take
    advantage of the achievable 160-400mm. Serious hobby
    image-makers will never make it to the exhibition hall
    without welfare and sincere encouragement.

    You have good taste, and so do the rest of us
    Broaden your perspective and concentrate more
    on the important issue of aesthetics.

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    thanks forward, will keep in mind.

    yes in fact next on my purchase list is a 2X TC.....probably in a few months' time. Broke now already.

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    i always pass by bidadari cemetry when i was still studying in secondary school...i hve never thought of going to cemetry to take photo.....but ur shots are superd...really nice...thanks for sharing.....

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    Thumbs up

    yeah very nice pictures..... keep the faith and keep shooting


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