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    Default BnW or Sepia?....

    well, i got a friend asking me..

    "BnW or Sepia? What do you think is a better choice if the photos are mainly of human close up?"

    since it's not digital, i can't view the pics and have not much of an idea. hell, even if it's digital, my views probably will not be of much help as i'm not an expert in this area

    any pros out there who can answer this? or help in listing what factors to consider before she develops the film?

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    Isn't it just a question of aesthetics and therefore personal preference? B&W and Sepia-tone prints are both monochromatic, just with a different colour (i.e. black vs reddish-brown). Which one you choose depends pretty much on what the photographer intends to convey. To me, B&W conveys a more neutral, detached and analytical mood, whereas sepia-tone tends to elicit a warmer, nostalgic feeling--but I admit that there may be people who feel completely the opposite! There is therefore no one-size-fits-all right answer to your question, IMHO.


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