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Thread: Some small items to give away :)

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    Default Some small items to give away :)

    Hi all,

    Thanks CS and the great seniors here for being such a wonderful platform for learning I have some items that I do not need and hope to be able to pass to someone who can use them.

    1) Starblitz 3600 DFC TTL Dedicated AF Illuminator
    This is for Canon I believe. Very powerful flash. Works perfectly fine. Only flaw is that it cannot turn up and down after my friend dropped it. Still can turn left and right though. Can sent for repair too.

    2) Small ND4 filter. Size is 10cm x 9cm I believe. Not sure whether there's colour cast but useful for budget students who need it to overcome the fastest shutter speeds of film cameras.

    3) 550D manual. Very useful for newbies.

    4) Spoilt Yashica Electro 35 CC. Dropped it when taking out of storeroom and broke. Has the internal parts inside but wrapped in bubble wrap as it will literally fall part.

    5) Mini Canon camera bag. Can fit small point-and-shoots/compacts

    Do take note:

    Priorities will be given to:
    1) students
    2) ppl who need it

    Self collect at Yew Tee MRT after 6-7pm (on some days might be 9-10pm).

    DO NOT resell.

    PM me if you are interested. Have a good week everyone!

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    Default Re: Some small items to give away :)

    Items 1,2 and 4 taken by a fast student! 3 and 5 still up for grab!


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