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Thread: Anyone uses a canoscan flatbed + film adaptor for FILM?

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    Originally posted by denizenx
    hehe tomcat sorry to bug u some more...
    did u touchup the pic? it looks a bit median'd.
    otherwise it is very nice qa-wise...
    the 1250UF got FARE?

    PS: rummaged through ur 5700 zoo pix hehe... the tiger a bit blown out hor? camera or hot day?
    Only the usual post-processing like levels, curves and unsharp mask was done on the scan. The D1250U2F does not have FARE but has a lower end version called QARE (Quality Automatic Retouching and Enhancement) which is also supposed to automatically remove dust and scratches from the scans.

    The tiger pic was taken in a drizzle under heavily overcast conditions at full zoom. It suffered quite badly from camera shake due to the low shutter speed and zoom position I think. By the way, the tigers at the zoo are white tigers so if you meant 'blown out' as in 'blown to white', they are actually naturally white and with blue eyes too.

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    I see... hmm maybe save money for the 2400 then... cos got old negs hehe...
    no lah the tiger I know it's white... I mean the highlights very harsh... so wonder if it's clipped like phil askey says or just overexposure.. I go to the zoo too u know LOL... cos my friend very gian this cam...
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