Canon Imaging Academy
invites you

to a Street Photo Walk with Zinkie Aw

Zinkie’s flavour of street photography takes on the banal with a quirky twist, often captured in vibrant colour palettes.

Via various street outings organised at different venues in Singapore, Zinkie will impart and unlock the underlying potential shutterbugs have with regards to Street Photography. Possibly you will realise it is not that difficult to be ‘invisible’ on the streets at all, and it is not that mammoth a task to capture dynamic and candid moments of subjects on the streets.

Armed with new ‘ways of seeing’ that will be shared by Zinkie during the sessions, it has also been shared by past participants that walkabouts conducted have benefitted many by clarifying, or reinforcing their skills and understanding their own approach in storytelling from within their frame.

So come take a photo-walk with her and along the way, she will share with you how street photography can be more meaningful and fun than it seems, by sharing anecdotes and insights gained along her various street prowls and travels escapades. You can learn to appreciate the light side of life too, pun intended.

Outing Detail
Date: 22nd March 2014 (Venue: Marina Promenade+Esplanade)
Time: 4pm - 7:30pm

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