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Thread: Newbie in search of Camera

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    i agree w/ joel tt slim cams cant win bigger camz on some specs but we all hav 2 giv-&-take sometimes...

    my film's EOS 300X is not small or slim by any chance, i oso dun mind its SLR size 2 me a cam is 2 take pics.

    if not den buy cam-phone lor...

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    if u buy phonecam, liddat nikon and canon no business liao... jus imagaine... nokia's latest handphone with 2 megpix using carl zesis lenses. the n-1

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    Quote Originally Posted by bent
    i think i would settle for the Panasonic Lumix FX 8. Seems good and rather cheap to me...
    Frankly speaking i dun find any of those slim compact cam tat carries a price tag between $650 to $750 cheap. Quite expensive i find...
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    for slim compact cams , u r paying for nano technology and promotion and advertising. cos unlike the dslr types, these sort of cams needs promotion. its suppose to appeal to the masses

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