Tip 1: Pack just what you need
Only take kit youíll need for your chosen location. For example, itís pointless taking mosquito repellent to a desert. With more weight restrictions on airlines, pack only the clothes you will wear Ė then take half of them out as you will survive without them! On one trip, Iíd missed the check-in time so I couldnít check my bag, so I quickly stuffed my clothes down the sleeves of my coat and wore the rest on the plane.

Tip 2: Research the location
Find out as much as you can about your destination by reading up on practical guidebooks, such as Lonely Planet or Rough Guides. The internet is also invaluable, with many specialist websites giving in-depth information about even the most off-the-beaten-track locations. Read forums for other peopleís first-hand experiences, especially on how to access difficult areas for photography and what time of year is best to go.