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Thread: Can post all related question about FZ5 here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by huggable
    Personally I think the built-in flash of the FZ5 is poor, it can't even illum a car in the MSCP 3m away!

    Where is the unseen? Can share your experience with the emoblitz flash?
    The flash range is supposed to be 4.5 m as compared with 7m+ for the FZ20.
    However, you can adjust the flash brightness higher (although I suspect you are only adjusting the EV setting!).
    I also noticed that if the setting is fairly bright, you can do without the flash and the image is brighter as it stays open longer.

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    i was thinking end of this month im going to HK, so maybe can look out for flash over there and buy if cheap.

    wonder how is the performance of unseen recently bought flash?
    no other FZ5 owner with extra flash?
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    Default MO for flash?

    Would you be in time to check out some good performance, reasonably-priced external flash for the FZ5? Hope to say goodbye to underexposed indoor/night pictures!

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    Not sure does it applied to fz5 but for fz1 there is a sensor for detecting the intensity of light on the front of the camera.cover yr hand over the sensor to block it.
    This time it will gave a more powerful flash the camera thought it total darkness
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