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Thread: Panning: Opel Astra

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    Default Panning: Opel Astra

    Another work in progress to share, this time an astra, the static (& interior) shots & more action shots later this month.
    What U guys think? Comments on exposure, color or OT appreciated =)

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    nice shots man...

    how u take all that ??

    esp #3...
    Stress Man @ work... :bigeyes:

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    Beautiful. The first one, looks distorted.... the 2nd and 3rd one are good.
    Post processing was done well too.

    Now I need you to teach me how to take good car pictures .

    Btw, Photoi magazine is having a Car Photo contest... you should join. I might be posting some pictures there as well.

    By the way, you made a custom rig, or bought one ? and used ND filters ?
    The 2nd pic.... high speed or crawling speed ? U dont hafta tell me... I know its all trade secret.
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    woooo..!! Great shots you have there..!!

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    Rev: Pic 3 is my fav, kinda grainy(nice feel) but prolly should have a not so distracting bg like pic 1.

    ps:The photographer from Jtuned also shoots great panning shots.can go check it out.

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    can teach me pls?!! i suck at panning!!

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    Nice pix! I like the 1st two as low angles always make moving cars look more dramatic. Were you hanging out of the boot?

    Just one correction though - such photos are known as tracking shots as you were in another car moving at the same speed, thus you did not move your camera in a panning motion. Panning is when you are stationary and you 'pan' to shoot a moving car. Cheers!

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    Thanks for the input guys, I took these tracking (not panning) shots like haruchan said. I got another car parallel to the subject and snap... but a good understanding of panning is essential before doing this, thank god for digital =)

    Haru: Never knew it was called tracking...

    Servechilled: updated my bookmarks...

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    wah, your panning sibeh zai would love to learn from you sometime. Just saw your gallery Nice automotive shots!

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    nice pics Bro!! seriously.

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    hey guys, mind giving comment on pic #4? Thanks!

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    i love the 1st pic.
    tim, u hv improved alot... and u did justice to the new toys u bought huh!

    tim, hope u dont mind i ask 1 qn (open to all) which i believe wud help improve the pics. with such a nice tracking (i never know it is called tracking too) shots, it wud be perfect to get the nice blue and clear sky. so, how can one obtain a clear blue sky with white clouds but without underexposing the vehicle nor overexposing the sky? it is not as easy as meter the sky, fill-in with flash techniq thingy as cam was fixed to an arm and triggered via a remote.

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    give us an idea how many shots did you take in order
    to get these great ones??

    all of them are good
    very well done

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    scud: thanks... nice blue sky depends on s'pore's weather which rarely happens. Because of the humidity, s'pore's sky rarely has thick fluffy clouds but more like smoky ones... eg. s'pore sunsets. Because of slow shutter speeds, overexposure requires ND filter in daytime shots & evening shots require decent metering knowledge. these pics originally had a light blue sky color but postprocessing changed that to highlight the car. Hope that helps... so are my pics "overexposed or underexposed"(tm)

    maxim: I took abt 600 tracking shots for this series =)
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    Default thank god for digital

    600 shots !!!

    imagine doing that in the days of film, thats 17 rolls almost !!!

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    yep. so car photographers rarely did this back then =)


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