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    I am looking for a digicam/camcorder that can take MPEG4 videos on a flash card e.g. SD or CF card. It must have optical zoom and certain manual adjustments e.g. exposure compensation etc. Image stabilization would be nice to have. It should be able to take at least 1 hr of video with sound on a 1GB card.

    The main use would be for simple video, but it should also be able to take reasonable stills as well.

    I have narrowed it down to Xacti C4, Pentax Optio MX and the Samsung Miniket.

    Can anyone comment on the above models or give suitable alternatives? I do not need mini-DV tape quality and am on a tight budget of $800 or less.

    Please let me know of your recommendations.


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    need one urgently? Casio announced a compact digicam that does what you wanted but it's not released yet. It offers only 3x optical zoom though.

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    this will fit your budget nicely with a lot left over

    JVC Digital Video Camera (not MPEG-4 type, which is low quality)
    mini DV, Firewire interface, needs a firewire card or port on your computer
    800,000 pixels, 1/6" inch CCD
    PAL system
    16X Optical Zoom, 700x Digital Zoom (digital zoom is useless, i capped the zoom in the settings to 16x)
    Capturing at DVD quality possible

    Free camera bag, free tripod, free mini DV tapes (3x pieces), free cleaning kit, free 2nd 2 hour lion battery

    All for S$549 (without GST) only!!!


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