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Thread: how to clean filters?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mervlam
    never use tissue or those paper towels. they scratch. you should use microfibre cloth like those used for glasses.
    Actually i dun get why tissue paper scratch when glass is harder than tissue paper (presuming it is a coatless filter).In Moh's scale, we know that diamond is the hardest and can scratch anything. And in this case, glass is harder than tissue paper. So how can tissue paper scratch glass?!

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    tissue paper will not scratch glass, but dirt (e.g. sand) will scrath if fall between your tissue paper and glass

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    True.. sharp edges in sand actually produces a very high stress concentration during surface contact that is capable of scratching the surface of glass.

    If you do a google search on tribology will yield some boring theory of friction and wear of surfaces...

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    Thanks... So if there is no dirt (presuming there's also no micro dust), the glass of the filter wont be scratched?

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    Theoretically yes....

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