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Thread: Recommend mp3 player/sound recorder

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    Default Recommend mp3 player/sound recorder

    Hi there, thinking of getting a mp3 player/recorder.. Primary purpose is record sound of gd quality.. and maybe occasionally listen to mp3 stored in the gadget.

    Any recommendations to suit the above usage? brands, models?


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    Creative Nano Plus suits most of your requirements,.

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    i'm using iAudio G3 1GB storage. pretty good for sound recording up to 128kbps in mp3 format. it has a feature for voice options and records only when it detects a voice. it has voice sesitivity selection of 1 to 10 and also mic volume of 1 to 10 as well. there's also a line-in recording and radio recording too. its slightly more than half the size of your mobile phone with mp3 player/radio/recording features.


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