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Thread: Misty Morning??

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    Default Misty Morning??

    Got out of bed in Hotel and decided to go shoot some photos. Hey, why cam not focusing? manual focus? Oh no, are my eyes playing tricks. This is in JB, cant be that misty here. Flap.. wah, picture so blurr.

    Only when I looked at my lens did I notice that the filter was all misted. Now DON'T DO THE NEXT THING I AM GOING TO DO...take off the filter. Guess what? My lens got misted up too and it took more than half an hour for it to demist again. Any suggestions how I can prevent from recurring?


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    Sleep with your camera. That will keep it warm and prevent condensation when bringing it from a cold place to a warm and humid one...

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    Once I got that too and later I found out I left my cam on the writing table directly under the aircond unit


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