This is a short sample video shot with the Olympus OMD E-M10, paired with the kit lens, 14-42mm zoom lens. There's no storyline to eat, but more of a "how does it perform" kind of video. Almost all clips are out of camera, those that have been processed are stated.

I quite liked the quality of the kit lens, despite it being a cheap kit lens, it performed reasonably well, though in the sample where I compared it with a prosumer video camera, it lost to the Leica lens on the Panasonic camera, do keep in mind that it is a cheap lens, pairing it with a lens like the new 25mm f1.8, and it's probably just as good.

In low light, there are flickers which I suspect are from the light sources themselves, and it looks a bit dark, but that's cause I used it in A mode, to see how smart the camera is and I have to say, it's reasonable.

I'm quite surprised by the art filters capability, though some like the diorama art filter comes as no surprise that it looks like a stop motion video because of the heavy processing required for each frame.

Some shots like the one of the building panning down to ground level, the flip out screen really shines, some videos came out blur and I aplogise for that, it was hard to see in the sun and the relatively tiny screen didn't help either, goes to show a bigger external screen helps in viewing.

I'm disappointing in the fact that there isn't a mic input, but then again, it is the entry level OMD. In summary, I think for the price, it can hold its own against the E-M1 and dedicated video cameras. Though it probably can't beat cameras like Blackmagic's cameras, but then again, the OMD is more like an all rounder family camera, as well as a backup or even a main camera for professionals.