For those who belong to photographic societies, does anyone enter the annual International Salon (the PSA/FIAP/PSD regulated event)? If you don't know, the entry form will have the PSA (America), FIAP (France), and PSD (Germany) logos on it along with their sponsorship and rules conformity tag lines. Entries are limited to slides only, with 4 in the "pictorial" subject (basically anything) and 4 in the "nature" subject.

Anyway...I just got my report card back from my entries this year through the Photographic Society of Taipei and I was wondering how everyone did this year. Out of the 8 slides I entered I recieved one acceptance in the pictorial section (a cliff diver I shot in Hawaii but not the one I posted here earlier), 8 "almost-accepted" (missed by 1pt), and one that I should have never entered in the first place. A warning to all you flower and bug macro or scenic photographers out there: There is a huge difference between what is nice and what they want to see. If the judges see a plethora of flower macros, chances are they won't pick any of "shouldn't have entered" shot was a landscape.

Did anyone else enter a 2002 International Salon? How did they fare this year?