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    Default Looking for Super Zoom

    Hi all....

    I am looking for a superzoom with wide at 17mm or 18mm.
    When I go travelling, it is kind of troublesome to swap between my wide angle and tele every now and then. Especially if the rest of your friends
    only bring along with them point & shoot camera. So, it kind of slow me
    down and I do feel bad sometimes since they will need to wait for me to make a shot.

    So, is there any kind souls out there who is kind enough to recommend me a superzoom to go along with my canon 300D.

    The other day, I browsed through a mag. If didn't remember wrongly, Tamron and Sigma had come out with something like 18-200 range. Are there good lenses ?


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    The Tamron 18-200mm lens is a good and sharp lens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vulpix0r
    The Tamron 18-200mm lens is a good and sharp lens.
    You used it before ? How much you pay for it ?

    Any others good recommendations from anyone ?



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