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Thread: Photography Interest Group

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    Its a great idea. Hope a newbie like me can join in.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by xen0275
    It's a great idea for the group to be able to do some charity shoot. We can offer our services to charitable organisations!

    Offspring: Can define what is non profit photojournalism?
    It's a Great idea to do charity shoot, For your Info, We ClubnSNAP members have always been very involve in participating and helping out in all Charity Events:

    And many more.......

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    Great. Thanks for pointing out. Upzz for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xen0275
    Yes clubsnap is a virtual interest group. My idea is to have a group that has a proper location for meeting, planning and activities. The group will have some objectives and goals and we can just grow from there. Those who are interested please pm me so that we can arrange for a meeting soon.
    Once you have such a focussed group, you might have to find and make your own web home.

    For example, there was a group interested in black & white images. CS was gracious initially to allow posts by this group. When it appears that they were going to be a defined entity, they were not allowed to "advertise" anymore in CS. They have since started their own website.

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    So you have to know if the objectives of your PIG will not conflict with CS.

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    I see. It is always good to have a website.

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    Of course we must try not to conflict but complement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xen0275
    Of course we must try not to conflict but complement.
    Definitely. But interpretation of complimentary and conflict differs.

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    Therefore we can only try right?

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    update me on this interest grp ya. keen too!

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    If one has a vision, go for it!

    Then work out problems as they come along.

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    Yup that's right!

    Have noted those who are interested.

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    Hi all we have been getting encouraging response so far...for those keen do let us know.

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    Ups for the interest group.

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    Hi all,

    We have drafted a proposal for the interest group and will be organizing a meeting soon. If you are keen, please email to me and i will send you the proposal.

    For those who have pmed me, you should receive my pm regarding this update.

    Please include your name, age, gender, student/occupation, highest educational level, skill level in photography (expert, intermediate, newbie etc.), area of interest in photography and special talent or skills. All info will be kept private and confidential.

    My email is


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