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Thread: How do I verify the DOF with changes in aperture?

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    Default How do I verify the DOF with changes in aperture?

    When I change aperture, it seems I can only verfiy the DOF
    after the shot, but it takes extra time. Is it possible to either
    calculate the DOF from focal length, aperture, and other params
    on the lens or verify the actual recult from the viewfinder?

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    i'm not sure abotu canon, but nikon D70 come with a DOF preview...
    which you can press ont he button, then u can have a view for ur output.... maybe it's what you wanted?

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    I have a depth of field calculator on my Pocket PC so I can check at anytime I am out and about. Do a search on Google and you can find one easily

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    Phildate u r right. I have just found a DOF calculator and will
    sync that with my PDA upon returning.

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    The specification of my Digital Rebel XT says
    "Depth-of-field Preview Yes"

    I guess I need to read the manuals, can not learn from james bond.


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