Hi all,

I will be leaving soon to QUT for BIT but I am thinking of taking Data Comms or Information systems.

Data Comms is more technical and I think you will more or less become metwork engineer or administrator in future.

As for Information systems , can be jack of all trades and master of none but can be IT Consultant.

Data Comms only let you choose 2 electives and comes from networking so it makes all 8 subjects netwroking related.

Information systems can choose 4 electives from information systems' electives and 2 more from othe majors or faculties. Which means I can choose 2 subject from Data Comms. I will choose Data security and Network Security for E-Commerce. for the 2 electives.

So I'm thinking which one will be a better choice, so far I more to the information systems side because I think I still can take CCNA to know more about networking.

Please advice.

Thanks a lot.