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Thread: How do you define second hand item.

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    New second hand - used for 2 months
    Used not too long 2nd hand - 3 month to a year
    old second hand.. more than a year

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    Do your homework when you want to buy second stuff.

    The lowest may not be the best price. Consider other items accessories, e.g. battery grip, original battery, storage card etc

    So have a check list b4 you buy!

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    As long as it's been bought by someone and sold again, it's secondhand.

    Even if it's stated as "MINT" condition

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    Default Re: How do you define second hand item.

    Quote Originally Posted by Yutaka Go View Post
    You can buy camera from her
    Perhaps it is an inadvertent remark.
    Most would agree that it is a joke in bad taste.
    She is struggling to make a living without hands in Pakistan.
    When she lost her hands, how painful it must have been.
    It is traumatic even after the physical wounds have healed.
    Can you imagine living without hands? It is very tough.
    However, now that you brought her to our notice, she is to be admired.
    Actually we should be proud of her as a fellow photographer and a courageous human being.
    In the photos, you can see that she uses Pentax K mount film cameras.
    She can have my Pentax K1000 and KM anyday.
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