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Thread: Tuareg Orphans of the Sahara

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    Default Tuareg Orphans of the Sahara

    Really an eye opening documentary where the Tuareg people are struggling for their own freedom.

    The climate change, takes four hours to fetch water and a herder walking two days to sell his last few goats to feed his family because of the severe drought.

    Orphans of the Sahara
    9 January 2014 Thursday | 19:58
    'Orphans of the Sahara' - Behind the name

    The filmmaker gives an insight into the Tuareg struggle and shares the story behind the title of the trilogy.


    Orphans of the Sahara - Episode 1- Return.
    9 January 2014 Thursday

    With the fall of Gaddafi, thousands of Tuaregs return to Mali and Niger and launch their fight for an independent state.
    In late 2011, thousands of Tuareg workers and fighters, many of them mercenaries for slain Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, return to their Saharan homeland in Niger and Mali.
    Having lost access to the country that was their only source of livelihood, they find little more than crushing poverty, hunger and drought back home.
    Barely able to feed their children amidst total state neglect, the men launch a rebellion to found their own country.

    Orphans of the Sahara - Episode 2 - Rebellion.
    16 January 2014 Thursday

    Part two of this series explores northern Mali in 2012 as it falls to Tuareg separatists and their al-Qaeda rivals.
    Early in 2012, as the massive Tuareg rebellion sweeps northern Mali, defeated Mali Army officers stage a coup d'etat in the south leading to the total collapse of government in the country.

    Tuareg rebels declare an independent state in the north called "Azawad", but al-Qaeda emerges from the Sahara to take over historic Timbuktu, and compete with the secular rebels for control of northern Mali.

    Isolated, illiterate and imploding from extreme poverty, Tuaregs provide the foot soldiers of both separatism and jihad.

    Orphans of the Sahara - Episode 3 - Exile.
    23 January 2013 Thursday

    The final episode of this three-part series goes inside the French uranium mining zone in Niger where the indigenous Tuareg say they and their animals are dying from pollution and being dispossessed of their land.

    The Tuareg of Niger rise up to demand a fairer settlement from France, only to have their cause and message hijacked by al-Qaeda, while in neighbouring northern Mali, al-Qaeda launches an assault on the Tuareg and topples their Azawad state.
    The French intervene to protect their interests in the region and the Tuareg are forced out of their homeland in a mass exodus to refugee camps where they continue to demand a country.

    This episode airs from Thursday, January 23 at 2000GMT
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