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    Default L Brackets

    Any idea where to find/buy them?
    Are they expensive?

    Asking this on behalf of someone who wants an external flash with his compact.

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    You mean a flash bracket

    L brackets are a special bracket used to mount a camera in either landscape or portrait orientation on a tripod head (normally a ballhead) and cost around 180 USD each.

    A cheap right angle bracket will probably set you back 20-30 bucks and the can be ordered from any camera shop that carries Hama brand accessories. Just ask for a folding right angle flash bracket.

    More advanced off camera brackets are the likes of the ones made by sunpak and vivitar that cost around 75 USD and from there it's off to the likes of Stroboframe, Newton, Stratos etc.
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    $18 will get you one at CP (but be prepared for the look of contempt when you ask for "the cheap one").

    You can see what I've done to it here:

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    Thanks for the help!


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