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Thread: Home interior shoot.

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    the thing about interior shoot is that u have the freedom of slightly reposition the furniture. dont be shy to move things around if it makes the pic looks nicer unless the client is very shrewd and rigid.

    alway give yourself ample of time to plan the shot and etc. try to make use of natural light more so depending on the windows, u might have to be selective of the timing to shoot depending on the sun's angle and strength.

    once you confirm your angle, aake a shot without using any of your lightning gear first. then look and see if the nature light/lamp lights and ceilings light. if they dont look good and can be adjusted then adjust it. Once that is done, look at the key subjects in the room and any dark spots and judge if u need any light. be prepared to have spot and spread lights, have filters and cutters to adjust the shape and color of the lights.

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    Thanks for all the reply and advises Csers. It's really a great helps... please feel free to share more pointer if you have more. I believe it will benefit alot of photographer that wanted to try out interior photography.

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