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Thread: Any CCNA certified member?

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    Quote Originally Posted by matthew
    My CCNA has just expired.
    Can't you go for a CCNP which, IIRC, doesn't expire so quickly like a CCNA...

    IMO, people who have a MCSE to tan-jia basically CMI.. Largely proven in tech. support..

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    Anyone taking CISSP now?
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    Default Re: Any CCNA certified member?

    Any Canon Certified Experts here ? (CCP)

    Quote Originally Posted by icarus
    Cisco papers cost S$250, except for CCIE written is S$500

    Personally i suggest going for the camera instead. MCSE is becoming way too common.

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    Default Re: Any CCNA certified member?

    Wah Icarus... so many certifications ah.... *bow *bow..

    anyway.. just a point to add is certifications are becoming ever so common.. only take them when you really require them..

    no point just paying just to have a bunch of certifications. I remembered doing some interviews once and guess what most of the interviewees came into and shown me all the certifications they have.. *shits load... but end of the day what company really needs is someone who have hands on experience which no amount of certifications can replace..

    PS: i onced met a Indian IT guy who has the whole lot... CCNA, CCNP,CCDA,CCIE, MCSE, MCDA, CISSP, SAP stuffs... (the reason why he has shits loads of them is training to get these certifications in India is dirt cheap)

    Its getting to a point where one IT guy will say to another... you got 3 Certifications..... hahaha i got 5 certifications ... 2 better than you.. sigh
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