Welcome to Day 7 in my self-project-ish, month-long postings of images I’m only using Lightroom to edit. If you’re just coming in to reading this and haven’t read the original post where I wrote why I’m doing this, then make sure you check that out too. Okay, here goes:
The Photo: The Bay Bridge in San Francisco
Okay, I’m kinda cheating today because this one is really easy. I was torn though. I just arrived in San Francisco and I’m beat from a long day of travel and a late dinner. So, I could just not post anything for the day. Or… I could post a quick edit of a photo I just took. I’ll go with choice B okay?
I took this photo at sunset yesterday evening. I’m in San Francisco for the week, and decided to walk down to the Embarcadero and shoot the Bay Bridge from a popular spot.
(click to see the image larger)

Photo Details:
Camera: Canon 5D Mark III
Lens: Canon 24-105mm
Aperture: f/11
Shutter Speed: 30 seconds
ISO: 100
Filter: Tiffen 3-stop ND filter
Basic Processing
Overall I wanted to make the photo darker with the Exposure slider. I also moved the Highlights and Shadows sliders in opposite directions. Almost HDR-like to tone down highlights and open up shadows. From there, I adjusted the Whites and Blacks with the Option/Alt key and boosted the Clarity slider quite a bit. I’ve mentioned it in another post, but when you push the Highlights,  Shadows and Clarity sliders you run the risk of halos around some of the edges. If I had Photoshop to use here, I’d probably bring the photo in there and do the adjustments with more accurate selections. But you’ve really got to look close to see them so it’s not a huge deal.

Not too much new here. I increased the Amount, Radius, and Detail settings until the pilings in the foreground looked nice and sharp.

Finishing it Off With a Vignette
As you probably know by now, I finish everything off with a vignette. I used the Effects panel for this photo and added a vignette, as well as adjusting the Midpoint and Feather settings so it looks more natural.

What Else?
So what’s missing? Nuttin’ There’s really not much more I’d do for this photo.
This one isn’t really fair because the before/after are going to be so different, but here’s the two photos so you can see the change.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day!